Business Owners:

1What kind of business opportunities is Major Equity Group looking for?
Major Equity Group, LLC (“M.E.G.”) seeks businesses that are in need of opportunity & capital. We partner with entrepreneurial online/offline companies, evaluate and prepare them, fund them, buy and build them, and if appropriate, sell them. Major Equity Group is looking for business owners that need guidance from experienced consulting and investment professionals to take them to the next level or provide an exit strategy.
2How do you select business deals to pursue?
Major Equity Group works with profitable businesses who are seeking an exit strategy, professional consultants to help them remedy challenges within the organization, and/or that need additional capital to grow and/or prepare to sell.
3How is a business deal evaluated?
The Deal Committee will review the opportunity and a decision will be made to pursue or explain to a referring member why it decided to not pursue it.
4What is the timeframe for selection?
An initial review for Step 1 usually takes five to seven business days. Steps 2 & 3 can take several weeks to several months.
5Are specific industries targeted?
Major Equity Group will work in any industry provided they meet the initial criteria or during the Strategic Breakthrough Session, it is determined Major Equity Group can provide value to the relationship.
6Do you partner with existing business owners?
Yes, we can provide a Strategic Breakthrough Session, or construct any relationship that makes sense to improve the business's’ growth, cash position or exit strategy.
7What exclusions are there in selecting a business client?
Pre-revenue (except for limited exceptions) absolute start-up organizations, or any business not currently profitable or that can’t be determined to be made profitable in a reasonable period of time after a Strategic Breakthrough Session.
8How long does M.E.G. typically own a business?
M.E.G. has no specific preconceptions or requirements with regard to ownership period. We have found that imposition of such artificial time constraints frustrates management and leads to suboptimal performance for our partners. In general, we have found that a holding period of five to seven years is the most typical for our companies, but we have owned some for shorter periods and others for longer.
9Are you a marketing firm?
No. Unlike traditional management consulting or marketing consulting firms, which are primarily passive contributors to a business, M.E.G. only participates in transactions as a control equity investor. We earn most of our compensation as equity rather than fees. This creates a win/win scenario, since we only make money if we’re successful at growing your business and making you more money.


1How do I become an investor?
A candidate becomes a investment partner by submitting an investor application form and being approved by our executive board.
2What are the benefits of becoming an investor?
Partners who invest benefit from the growth and sale of businesses they invest in. Investment partners also have access to investment opportunities that they might not otherwise see or have the resources to participate in. Investment partners will also have unprecedented access to the national membership for networking and collaboration as well as training and education.
3What is the time commitment to be an investment partner?
4Who are ideal investors?


1How is CXO Collective structured?
CXO Collective International, LLC (“CXI”) is the parent corporation that owned and structured the CXO Collective. CXO Collective is a group of subsidiary Chapter LLC Corporations across the nation, see mycxo.com for a current list.
2Where is the CXO Collective headquarters?
CXO Collective headquarters is in Jupiter, Florida.