Business Owners

Whether you’re just beginning to think about the possibility of selling your business, or already actively seeking the right partner, consider this: your decision is going to have a great impact on the future of your business.

Major Equity Group can provide business owners with merger and/or acquisition, partial or complete sale, succession planning, strategic partnerships, management outsourcing, exit strategy, access to growth capital. We also provides company growth strategy, business development, and marketing strategies.

Why Small Business Owners partner with us?

You will have unprecedented access to experienced leadership and our proven methodologies to buy, build and sell companies. You will also have the opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurial executives in over 20 disciplines to share best practices, network to grow your business; and build long-term wealth.

Below are just a few of the reasons becoming a partner with Major Equity Group can benefit you…

● Exclusivity – We only partner with one business per industry in any given market. So, will it be you or your competitor?

● We help our partners move to the top of their niche where no competitor can touch them.

● Using our team as your marketing secret weapon helps our partners experience less stress, strain, worry and aggravation. Our partners can move away from being a slave to their business and toward being a master of it.

Here’s a quick look at the profile of an ideal Major Equity Group acquisition candidate. We look for companies with the following characteristics:

Annual sales between 250K - 2.5 million

Profitable or breaking even

In business at least two years

Located in the USA

The Major Blueprint

The Major Equity Group has created a proprietary system called The Major Blueprint. In fact, the system is so effective, that we can only partner with one company per industry in any given market.

Our formula is simple. We establish a process by which your ideal prospective customers, or clients, raise their hands and come to you requesting things instead of you chasing them to buy your products or services. We create measurable and accountable advertising, as well as well-crafted offers that people will find irresistible.

We combine classic lead generation advertising — permission marketing — and effective multi-step, multi-media follow-up to develop new customers, create referrals, get current customers, clients or patients to spend more money with you, and inactive clients to return to do more business with you using less costly yet more effective marketing that gets results FASTER.

Utilizing this groundbreaking system along with world class graphics, design, and media, The Major Equity Group is the only company with the resources to help your business become #1 in your industry.

Once You're a Partner What Can You Expect:

  • Double your company’s sales within 12 – 18 months.
  • Have confidentiality maintained at all times.
  • Work with someone who seeks to understand your situation and then gives the best advice.
  • Have any concerns addressed promptly.

What We Expect

  • Be a do-er, not just a thinker.
  • Be serious about wanting to grow your business.
  • Be prepared to make significant changes to your business.
  • Be able to cope operationally when the lead rate increases.
  • Ask questions no matter how unintelligent you think they may be.
  • Give us honest feedback, both good and bad (particularly the bad).

Our Process

Step 1: Let’s get together and have a conversation

We spend as much time trying to get to know our future partners as we do the underlying business. That means we meet with you face to face, and discuss what you are looking for in a partner and your vision for the future of the business. We look at much more than the bottom line. We want to be sure that there is good chemistry between us, because after all, what is a business without its people?

Step 2: Cross T’s and Dot I’s

The Major Equity Group works with established companies so the process begins with an extensive screening and due diligence on all potential partners. Since we only make money if we succeed at growing your company, we must be highly selective about the partners we take on so we go to great lengths during this step to make sure we have an ideal fit with a partner.

Step 3: Get to work

Once we have a signed deal we immediately begin taking action to increase the valuation of the business. Using our Major Blueprint, we can typically double or triple a company’s sales within 12 – 18 months while employing other strategies to reduce costs, resulting in a larger and far more profitable company.